F8 – Day 2

f8 - day 2

Day two opened with the following question: „How can we make responsible innovation?”. I must tell you that the first part of the presentation was filled with tones of concepts that I don’t fully understand so I am not diving into that specifically because you can find all the information needed in this article packed with a video registration of what KeyNote was all about.

Later in the presentation, they introduced this concept that caught my attention. Is called Inclusive AI and from my understanding, Inclusive AI is used for “teaching” technology to make a recognition based on skin tone, gender representation or some other attributes. They’ve started working on this while testing Portal’s Smart Camera. For those of you who wanna know more about it, I copied the definition of Smart Camera from this interesting article.

Portal’s Smart Camera uses advanced computer vision to dynamically frame shots during video calls. Even in a room with people moving around and interacting, Smart Camera uses a variety of AI systems to decide how best to accommodate multiple subjects as they move in-and-out of view.

I actually played with Portal and its cool effects at F8 and to enjoy the experience the call should be made and received on Portal devices, but it also works if you want to call a person who uses tablets or smartphones.

Portal will have Alexa’s features and the Prime service from Amazon integrated. And if it wasn’t pretty obvious, the Facebook Family of Apps. As one of the speakers put it, Portal is a camera from Facebook, connected to the Internet in your living room. Who wouldn’t want one, right?

The privacy process continues also in VR by creating new “rules” to users who want to transfer the bullying into the virtual world. Plus, fingerprint and face recognition used so that they make sure your avatar isn’t hacked. As the speakers said, there is a lot of work to do on the Avatar part, but you can make a figure like yourself now using Oculus.

Sessions were super technical too. It came to a surprise for me that they have a growth team who analyses and tests Facebook Newsfeed from what buttons or CTAs work best. Like replacing “Raise money” with “Select your nonprofit”. Or how to outline pages you used the most, or drive people to make an account with different button testing. All of this comes pretty obviously for users but there is a lot of research and try-and-error actions to get to the newsfeed we have now.

Instagram & Messenger were my core of interest at F8. I’ve already learnt a lot about Messenger on Day 1 and I’ve expected to learn more about Instagram attending this dedicated session: “Spotlight on Stories: Creative Considerations for Effective Stories Ads”. Although I knew a big part of the information presented, I took notes to share it with you in case something seems interesting.

f8 - Instagram

-Why people come to Stories? They want to stay up to date on what their friends and family are doing, they want to feel part of a community and also see other things.
-1 Billion stories are shared across the FB platforms.
-It’s official: We now live in a vertical world and even Samsung has plans to make a vertical TV.
-How can Stories help a business grow? By interacting with its users/clients.
-3 million businesses use story ads & people say that are more likely to interact with a brand through stories.
-56% of brands lift are attributed to CREATIVE although not every creative is a guaranteed success.

f8 - instagram stickers

f8 - instagram stories

Best practices?

———Keep attention with the speed
———Avoid unnecessary stickers (use it mostly for videos)
———Split your stories into scenes (also called bite-sized narratives)
———Use SWIPE UP for CTA and drive conversions (also not a guaranteed formula for success)

f8 - whatsapp stories

f8 - facebook stories

So that was Day 1. I do regret I didn’t have time to explore the festival more. I actually do not know when time flew that fast, but overall it was a wonderful experience and I am happy that even for a short time I had the chance to experiment life in Silicon Valley surrounded by all these smart tech guys. I also made a friend who works at Slack and I can’t wait to send him pictures with our beautiful Romanian landscapes mostly because I know he likes to hike.

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