Se spune că cel mai bine vezi un oraș dacă te împrietenești cu localnicii și le afli poveștile, le invadezi cele mai bune locuri, iei masa cu ei și, într-un final, ca să pecetluiești noua legătură, cinstești un pahar cu … citeste mai mult

Workout Journal: April to May

Workout Journal: April to May

This workout journal brings several good news. So it will be full of spoilers on my good, proactive behaviour in taking my healthy habits seriously. Also, in the end, I will genuinely ask you to applaud my performances so that … citeste mai mult

f8 - day 2

F8 – Day 2

Day two opened with the following question: „How can we make responsible innovation?”. I must tell you that the first part of the presentation was filled with tones of concepts that I don’t fully understand so I am not diving … citeste mai mult

f8 - the future is private

F8 – Day 1

I didn’t imagine that my first trip to USA will be at the F8 Conference. I was planning more a two weeks vacay in New York, drinking coffee in one of those coffee places I saw in “Friends” series. But … citeste mai mult

workout journal

Workout Journal: February to March

I ended my last year’s training being disappointed with my capabilities in running a 21k. I’ve started to see clear my status quo after barely finishing a 10k. I was truly exhausted even though I was physically prepared because I’ve … citeste mai mult